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If you would like to support my artwork somehow, please buy a print.
I also do other styles of art not apparent in this gallery and fanarts here :iconartbennyrgrau:

my commission rates are $45 usd for chibis, 80$usd for paintings and full arts, larger scales with multiple characters are 150 usd depending on the amount. I raised the prices because paypal takes a huge chunk off my going rate. you can also make a direct deposit if you are local Puerto Rico and the rate becomes 10usd cheaper. OR simply ask for a print, and buy that print.

Newest Deviations

My original work gallery


This contains my original pieces, or pieces that have to do with mythology or history in short the humanities. My goal is to create a
reliable source of knowledge on mythology, history and my own original characters and stories. I want to be as accurate as possible
when I depict a legend , I know it is asking a lot but corrections are welcomed with reasonable source material so I can share it and people can come here to learn and or enjoy the stuff I work hard to do.

My alternate account is for fan arts and it's riddled with pop culture stuff like pulp comics, mainstream or indie comics, anime , games etc
so if you like mortal kombat, sega, DC comics etc go here
sorry if I dont reply to everyone

No you may not use any artwork from here. You can PURCHASE MY PRINTS if you want though

if you come here to start flame wars I will block you. There is no need for that. I am done with people like this. Sure humans suck but there is a good in them I wish to believe in. Foolishly so

"Materializar lo espiritual hasta hacerlo palpable; espiritualizar lo material hasta hacerlo invisible; ése es todo el secreto del arte." - desconozco el autor

Random Favourites


feel fre eto browse the works of those I have faved, they are in several folders, or just click "all" and see everything. Respect these people and their art. Don't harass them.

Some take it to heart if you use their work as stock or
say it IS stock. Specially because folks online are so incredibly rude you cant separate a mistake from someone being a tool and they will act angrily. it is understandable. artists are hyper sensitive sometimes.
so ask permission before you use anything. if they say no simply find another piece of work. there are tons of works on deviantart.

I wanted to make this account a personal one where I fave what I like. if you are offended by nude bodies, feel freeleave but don't be a douche about it. I like nudes not
explicit or flat out raunchy art. that's not art it's softcore porn. Still dont go around being rude to people. I will refrain from faving artworks since people seem offended by the nude models in my gallery. I need them for my work since I dont have personal models who will pose for me like Alex Ross or Boris Vallejo or Luis Royo etc. To be fair they do pay them and take their own pics. point is please be mindful, not asking a lot. cheers
well I managed to break it. it didnt function well when they sold it to me.
I spent 75 usd and he didnt tell me it was broken.
the drivers were nuts and I kept tryin to fix it but it was the tablet crashing everything
so I have to buy a new one. I dunno how but I need one or I cant draw anything.
I can post my artworks here which are acrylic but I hate posting those.
this sucks...
not that I hhad anyfans waiting for my updates.
gonn atry ebay.
  • Listening to: Aquabats highfive soup
  • Reading: Leo Tolstoy's short stories
  • Watching: watashi no kirai no tentei
  • Playing: with my health and thyroid gland


Artist | Professional | Varied
Puerto Rico
Watch my videos at…
I love the human form, I need models but I often disregard them and make my own poses or pose myself. I love Lovecraft and RE Howard works, and Rice Burroughs. Mainly Pulp hero stuff. I am old fashioned but not prudish. I tolerate not lack of effort in my work.

This is my personal original art( buy my prints) site here I am a big douche who doenst watch back nor gives llamas etc since I am not a very nice person and people tend to block me ( buy my prints) for being such a jerk, anyway if you still watch me and expect a fanart ( buy my prints)
dont because I dont do those here. ( buy my prints) whatever you think of me just know ( buy my prints) I really dont care XD :iconforeveraloneplz:

if I unwatch you it means I got the impression that you:
*Left DA ( no activity for a month makes me thing you left, I auto remove)
*If you asked me to ad you because you wished to do convos and simply halt all interaction with me for a long time I will un watch.
*if you simply love to debate and and are over all a person that I can't simply
get along with since all we do is argue and fight. That's not really healthy is it?

I come here to have fun, enjoy art and get constructive positive feedback
and talk to the few friends I have, not make enemies, start arguments, be hurtful to you, or be your enemy. Life sucks already why make it worse for everyone simply because yours sucks worse. I am very pragmatic, not cold nor utilitarian. Enjoy looking at the work and if you have something constructive to ad, wish to learn about history, or correct the info in the varied pantheons, be my guest. I'm about learning not about "drama" frigging leave that crap and negativity behind. I don't like it when people ruin a good convo with tool-baggery or hate. No need for that. friends are better than enemies... or frienemies. I've got enough o that.

You don't have to ad me or watch me to be my friend. Friends are awesome. Drop me a line if you DO wish me to ad you , just to talk. or simply send notes if u want to be all private or drop a line in the journal.
Even if we don't watch each other, we can still, technically hang out.

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AOGRAI Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the Fav... did the video partly for my daughter.
xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Professional General Artist
good job man. I wanna finish a game for a friend who gave me some work.
it's funny she doesnt like my artwork cuz I am a digtal artist no matter how realistic I make it look.
She likes a dirty inkwashed style best. I do a cleaner style because I can ad more details.
but she is a great friend and accepts me as i am so I accept thsi of her. it's a tweaked version of tetris
I will fix with custom art and sound
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
HAHAHA... have to do what the client wants ay???
Hope to see more of your works soon. I just realised that I did not watch you on this account.
No wonder I do not get any of stuff from this site.
xBennyRGraux Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Professional General Artist
no problem. I made this for original works and told almost nobody about it.
I figured people coudl watch me in only one and that that otehr was enough but login on both
is tedious.
(1 Reply)
skycladarts Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Professional General Artist
Many thanks for the latest addition to your collection my friend! :)
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